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Flock-a-Friend Fundraiser


Surprise your friends by sending them a FLOCK OF FLAMINGOS

to roost on their front lawn for a day. 

The flock will arrive on your friend's front lawn under the cover of darkness. Your friend will

awaken to a lawn inhabited by festive flamingos. The flamingos will

leave as quietly as they arrived the following evening.


SYO will handle everything. Your friend's only

responsibility is to enjoy the surprise! 

All flockings will come with a letter explaining the purpose of the fundraiser.

Click here to order your flamingo flock!


It's flocking fun!

Want to flock them before they flock you? 

Purchase Anti-Flocking Insurance to guarantee no flock of flamingos will roost on your lawn as they migrate around the city during the course of this fundraising event.


The cost of this insurance requires a premium of only $25.


For a limited time only, Anti-Flocking policy holders can pass on their flocking nomination to another unsuspecting “victim” for an additional $15 donation.

Click here to purchase your Anti-Flocking Insurance.

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