2020 Summer Interns

SYO interns must successfully complete criminal background checks and several hours of training including CPR/ First Aid, autism awareness, suicide prevention, mental health training, creating an inclusive and safe space, teacher education training, and more. 

Adia Mimms is a sophomore biology major at Butler University. She plays violin and piano. This is Adia's sixth year in SYO, first year as an intern. She is an active member in Butler ensembles. After completing her bachelors degree, Adia plans to continue her education in medical school. 

Alec Wagoner is a sophomore at IU Bloomington. He plays trumpet, drum set, and piano. This is his first year in SYO and he is very excited. Besides music Alec likes to exercise, travel, fish, play video games, and cook. Last summer he went on a solo cross-country road trip. In the future, Alec plans to be the director of a high school band. 

Caleb Goins is a sophomore psychology and violin performance double major at Taylor University. This is his fifth season with SYO, first as an intern, and he is excited for all of the opportunities, growth, and fun that will happen! In his free time, Caleb loves to ballroom dance, teach dance and music lessons, watch tv shows, hang out with friends, and drink lots and lots of coffee. 

Kourtney Christensen is a senior music education major at the University of Indianapolis. She plays flute and piccolo. This is Kourtney’s second year as a college intern for SYO. Kourtney is a huge Harry Potter and superhero fan and has built most of the Lego sets in these franchises. After graduation, she plans to teach in a middle school band/music program and possibly pursue a doctorate degree to teach at the collegiate level. 

Mackenzie is a senior music education major at Marian University in Indianapolis. She is an alto saxophone player but dabbles in oboe, clarinet, and percussion. This is her first year in SYO and she is very excited to be involved! Mackenzie enjoys 

reading, playing music, and watching musicals and has been to Disney World at least 10 times! After graduation, Mackenzie plans to be an elementary music teacher. 

Braxton Phillips is a junior biomedical engineering major at IUPUI. Braxton plays woodwind instruments. This is his second year as an SYO 

intern. He enjoys hanging out with his kids, teaching woodwinds, music production, watching/playing for musicals, and computer programming. After graduation he plans to work in prosthetics.  

Zaneon "Zane" Meinhart is a sophomore vocal music education major at Marian University in Indianapolis. As well as singing, Zane plays saxophone and bass guitar. This is his first year involved in SYO. In his free time, Zane composes original music for a variety of ensemble and solo arrangements.

Elise Houk is a sophomore music therapy major at the University of Indianapolis. She plays violin, 

piano, guitar, and ukulele. This is her second year in SYO, first year as an intern. Elise enjoys listening to podcasts, reading, and journaling. After graduation, Elise plans to work as a music therapist and pursue research.

Connie Salvini Thompson is an environmental science major at Ivy Tech Bloomington and plays the trombone. This is her fifth year in SYO, first year as an intern. Connie is a proud transgender woman and activist and is a political organizer in Act Now to Stop War and End Racism and the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

Alex Board is a junior music education major at Ball State University. Alex plays violin and piano. This is his first year with the SYO. He has been involved with many different ensembles and musical endeavors such as orchestras, jazz bands, musicals, an opera, and small projects with various bands. 

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